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I have been in the health profession as a Registered Nurse for 32 years. Educating, encouraging, motivating, supporting,coaching, comforting those God entrusted to my care. Until Gluttony enslaved me.

How I got started

Food became my best friend, my God, my life, my family . Until I was unable to stop binging daily for two months. I had absolutely lost all self control, I violently stuffed  myself until I would fall to sleep. I developed gastric reflux, shortness of breath and morbid obesity. Every diet I tried I failed. Until I discovered and accepted that I am allergic to large servings of food, flour and sugar. Gluttony no longer controls me. I would like to share this wonderful gift with you. Follow me on Facebook  (Alice Spencer.com renouncegluttony)and Periscope (@Alice4God). Be sure to leave your email address. I am looking forward to  getting to know you and you to know me. Lets help each other fight gluttony,

My approch

Prayer  mornings and before bed. Usually through out the day..

Eat three nutritious  delicious healthy meals to lose weight a day. Avoiding allergic foods.

Drink  a t least 64 ounces of water a day. Adequate sleep.

Prep food weekly ( shop, chop, cook) no more than twice a week. Nutrition is the key.

Eat only food from "what to eat to lose weight " fat burning menu list.

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